Hi everybody! Thanks for checking out my blog. The purpose of this blog is quite simple… talk baseball. But rather then blog about a specific team or player, I thought it might be interesting to look at all aspects of the National Pastime, throughout its long and (mostly)  glorious history.

Some musing posts will include:

A First Look- These posts will look at young player, such as a prospect or college athlete.

A Closer Look- Just what it says, these posts will look in depth at a player’s career, whether playing currently or retired.

A Final Look– (Beginning to see a pattern yet?) These posts, as you may have guessed, will look back at the careers of baseball heroes of yore.

Historical Musings– Pretty self-explanitory, musings on baseball’s past.

General Musings- The namesake of the entire blog! I plan on these to be the majority of  my posts. 

I will attempt to update this thing at least a few times a week, so check in from time to time and tell me what you think!





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