My Official (Unofficial) AL Picks for 2009.


What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t prognosticate on the upcoming season? Here we go:





  1. New York
  2. Boston*
  3. Tampa Bay
  4. Toronto
  5. Baltimore

     The Yankees have too much talent not to return to the post-season this year. With a rotation of Sabathia, Burnett, Wang, Chamberlain, and Pettittte; I don’t see them going on any prolonged losing streak. The additions of Teixeria and Swisher bolster their already potent line-up, made even more important now the A-Rod is starting the season on the DL.

    With New York winning the division, I pencil the Red Sox in for the Wild Card. Sorry, Devil Ray fans, I just think both the Yankees and BoSox are just too deep to overtake. If it’s any consolation, however, I think it will be a 3 team race down to the wire.

    Poor Toronto is just in the wrong division. They have a bunch of good players, but just not enough to compete, and I think Roy Halladay, hands down, is the best pitcher in the game today. And then there’s Baltimore.




  1. Chicago
  2. Kansas City
  3. Cleveland
  4. Detroit
  5. Minnesota


     Here’s where I go a little nutty. This may be the toughest division to pick of all of them. I truly believe that any of these teams are fully capable of winning the division. The White Sox get my pick for two reasons, Ozzie Guillen and their starting rotation. I think Ozzie should have won the AL Manager of the Year award last year for leading a team full of holes and injuries to the playoffs. He may come off as a nutjob, but he gets the most out of his players. And the rotation has a good mix of smart veterans (Buehrle, Contreras, Colon) and young studs (Danks, Floyd). And the lineup can still mash.

     Kansas City? Yeah, I LOVE the Royals this year. A lot of good, young talent, and I think they will be the surprise team of 09.

     Cleveland is going to compete all year, I think. Cliff Lee is NOT a fluke, and although I don’t think his numbers will quite as good as last year, he’s still a stud. The Indians made two solid pick-ups this year in Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa. I honestly think that DeRosa was the MVP of the Cubs last year. The guy can play almost anywhere, and play it well.

     Detroit looks good on paper, but they’re getting old. And I’m not sold on the pitching staff.

     I’m sure the Twins will prove me wrong (they always do), but I don’t think they will be there in the end. Mauer looks like he’ll start the year on the DL, and I’m not sure about the rotation,





  1. Los Angeles
  2. Texas
  3. Oakland
  4. Seattle


     I think the Angels will win the West again; however; I think it will be MUCH closer this year.Texas may have the best offense in either league, and their pitching staff improved.

     Oakland made some nice moves in the off-season, bringing back Jason Giambi and signing Orlando Cabrera.  But I don’t think the talent is there this season.



  • MVP-Josh Hamilton, Texas
  • Cy Young- CC Sabathia, Yankees
  • ROY-Matt Wieters, Baltimore
  • Manager of the Year-Trey Hillman, Kansas City


So the playoffs will look like this:


  1. Yankees over Angels
  2. Red Sox over White Sox


  1. Yankees over Red Sox


So the Yankees in the World Series, to face the NL champions. I’ll give my picks for the Senior Circuit later this week.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome!



  1. fishfins

    You are right about Toronto. They would have been a first or second place team the last few years if they were in a different division. Ah, well I guess until we see a salary cap not much will change in the East.
    I keep hearing raves about Matt Wieters. Was he a #1 draft pick or did he just tear it up in the minors?

  2. sssoxfan

    Wieters was the 5th overall pick in the 2007 draft. He tore it up at Georgia Tech, and most scouts consider him to be the real deal. He’s a switch hitter who can hit for power and average, and he was also a lights-out closer in college, so you know he has an awesome arm.

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