General Musings-3/24/09

Some random thoughts I’d like to share.


  • Curt Schilling announced his retirement early Monday morning, putting an end to his 20 year major league career. In the upcoming days, (weeks, months, years) they will be debate about whether Curt should be enshrined in Cooperstown. His career numbers (216 W, 3.46 ERA) are impressive, but some feel aren’t enough to warrant Hall of Fame honors. But consider this, was there a better big game pitcher in this generation? I can’t think of one.
  • Japan won the WBC again, now we have to wait 4 more years before we don’t care about the next WBC.
  • And speaking of the WBC, how many players are returning to their respective teams injured?
  • The Marlins are finally getting a ballpark to call their own. Maybe this will be the shot in for Marlins ownership to actually spend money on the team?
  • Is anyone else worried about Cole Hamels? The Phillies say he’ll be ready to start April 10th, but elbow problems are always scary.
  • I think Manny Ramirez is going to put up ridiculous numbers this season.
  • Hey Orioles!!! Bring Matt Wieters up to the big club already!!!!!
  • As a die-hard White Sox fan, seeing Joe Crede in a Twins uniform almost made me vomit.
  • I loved the Tim Lincecum video game commercial the first 100 times I saw it, now it’s getting old.
  • And for the Dustin Pedroria one, see above.
  • I love the MLB network. It’s good to see Harold Reynolds again.
  • Speaking of the MLB network, I love the 30 clubs in 30 days program.
  • Speaking of 30 clubs in 30 days, they put Wilbur Wood has the best starter in White Sox history? Over Billy Pierce, or Ted Lyons, or Red Faber, or Ed Walsh?


12 days until Opeining Day, so here’s a random obscure #12 from White Sox history:






“Psycho” Steve lyons wore the #12 while playing for the South Siders in the late 80’s early 90’s. Steve has enjoyed a successful post-baseball career as a baseball anaylist and radio show host, but, sadly, is probably most remembered for having his pants fall down during a game.



Till next time!



  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    As a die-hard White Sox fan, I agree with you on Joe Crede. As a die-hard female White Sox fan, that made me cry. No joke. I too love the MLB Network. It’s very refreshing to see a network that doesn’t make me want to punch myself like ESPN does. 🙂 Welcome to MLBlogs, and I look forward to more of your musings!

  2. fishfins

    Thanks for explanation about Wieters before.
    You are right, Harlod Reyonolds is the best baseball analyst, it is GREAT to see him back….
    As far as the Marlins, us fans also think that they finally will spend more on the team because they won’t be forking all their profits from their stadium over to the Huizenga family.

  3. sssoxfan

    Crzblue, I’m glad you enjoyed the WBC, and I’m sure it was exciting to watch it live. I know it was cared about a great deal internationally, I just don’t think the average American baseball fan was that interested. Wheter that was due to the fact that the USA team was eliminated early again, I don’t know. Just my two cents.

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